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Our moto is simple, once a Household Cavalryman always a Household Cavalry man..If you were a member of the Household Cavalry, Life Guards, Blues & Royals/RHG/D  READ MORE...



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Veteran Welfare


We like to hear from our old colleagues, so if you have any questions, suggestions or issues, or you want to join us please get in touch and we will contact you as soon as possible

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We have collated a wide range of veteran resources, including  welfare organisations, benefits for UK veterans and job resources. We also hold an annual diary of events for all veterans of The Household Division.

Falklands War

World War II

The Great War

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The Gulf War

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Member Support

The welfare of all veterans and ex serving members of all of the Household Cavalry Regiments is important to all of us, and we have a specific process to adhere to regarding any veteran enquiries. We take seriously the many issues that occur following your military service. We are here to point you towards the best possible support. We are also here as a point of contact and reference to facilities and social events aimed at supporting our ex comrades whatever age or situation.

The following is a diverse list of Independent services for ex veterans - click on logo for more info


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