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Our moto is simple, once a Household Cavalryman always a Household Cavalry man..If you were a member of the Household Cavalry, Life Guards, Blues & Royals/RHG/D  READ MORE...



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We like to hear from our old colleagues, so if you have any questions, suggestions or issues, or you want to join us please get in touch and we will contact you as soon as possible

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We have collated a wide range of veteran resources, including  welfare organisations, benefits for UK veterans and job resources. We also hold an annual diary of events for all veterans of The Household Division.

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Constitution & Rules

Household Cavalry Association North West & West Yorkshire Branch Constitution and Rules


The Association is to be called the “Household Cavalry Association North West & West Yorkshire Branch”.  


Forthwith in this document to be referred to as “The Branch”.Objectives of the Association  To provide facilities where members and ex-members of the Household Cavalry living in the North West and West Yorkshire can meet.


To maintain connections between past and present members of the Household Cavalry and thereby promote their mutual interest.To promote social activities for members and their families. To circulate information concerning the Household Cavalry and to encourage desirable candidates to join.To notify the appropriate Regimental Association of any case of financial or other hardship being suffered by any ex-member of the Household Cavalry or his dependants which may come to the notice of the branch.


Membership - All officers who have served or are serving in the Household Cavalry, and who are already members of their own Regimental Association:  This membership must be maintained while they remain members of the branch. All serving and ex-serving other ranks of the Household Cavalry, and who are already members of their own Regimental Association:  This membership must be maintained while they remain members of the branch.


Associate Members.  Those who have taken an interest in the Association and are recommended and accepted by a majority of the Committee.  They have no voting rights.


Honorary Members. Ex-servicemen subject to election by the Committee.  They have no voting rights.Widows and Widowers of members of the Association will be offered Associate membership.  If they accept they will enjoy Associate Member status but will not pay any annual subscription for the duration of their membership.Subscriptions  All members including Associate and Honorary shall pay a subscription annually. The amount shall be determined by the Branch Committee with due regard being made to local conditions. Any member failing to pay their annual subscriptions by 1st March will be notified.  If after notification payment is not received within 3 months of the notification membership will cease.


Officials. The Branch shall nominate a President, who shall be somebody of standing and able to make a contribution to the branch.  He shall be nominated by the Committee and elected by the branch membership.They may serve for an unspecified period.  The appointment of a President will not be valid until the elected person has been approved by RHQ.  A Vice President may also be elected.


The Branch Committee shall comprise of the following:  Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Welfare Officer and 8 Committee Members.The position of Chairman, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer shall be for a period of 5 years effective from 1st April. The Committee Members shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.


Finance. The Branch shall be responsible for its own finances and shall be entirely self supporting.


Administration. The Branch is affiliated to Regimental Headquarters Household Cavalry. The Branch shall deal direct with Regiments on all regimental matters. All correspondence between the Branch and RHQ or the Regimental Association Hon Secretaries shall be via the Branch Hon Secretary. Welfare correspondence shall be submitted direct to the individual parent Regimental Association.


Alteration to the constitution.  A minimum of 25 members or two thirds of the members present at the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting may amend this constitution.


Extraordinary Meeting. An Extraordinary meeting may be convened at the request of 3 of the Branch officials. Any decision agreed at these meetings will not be ratified until the matter has been voted on at the next Branch meeting.


Expulsion.  In cases of serious misconduct on the part of any member or other actions taken by any member, which is considered by the Committee to be injurious to the reputation of the Household Cavalry or the Branch. The committee is to be empowered to suspend temporarily the member concerned from membership of the Branch. On discovery of an issue of this nature, the Chairperson or other Officials of the Branch are empowered to convene an extraordinary meeting to discuss the issue and a decision to suspend can be made with a majority vote. A full Branch meeting will then be convened to discuss the suspension and consider if the issues warrant expulsion from the Branch. If there is a majority vote in favour, the Hon Secretary will report the decision to the member concerned. The accused shall have the right to state his case at this meeting. They shall also inform RHQ and the Regimental Hon Secretary concerned. If the matter concerns the actions of any of the named officials of the Branch, they shall relinquish their role within the Branch with immediate effect.


Charity Fund. The Branch will annually assist in the material support of a charity. Nominations and voting for the charity will be held at the Annual General Meeting. Any monies accrued for the charity shall be placed in a separate bank account and then designated only for the current charity. Any support bids are to be placed before the committee for ratification.