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Our moto is simple, once a Household Cavalryman always a Household Cavalry man..If you were a member of the Household Cavalry, Life Guards, Blues & Royals/RHG/D  READ MORE...



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We like to hear from our old colleagues, so if you have any questions, suggestions or issues, or you want to join us please get in touch and we will contact you as soon as possible

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We have collated a wide range of veteran resources, including  welfare organisations, benefits for UK veterans and job resources. We also hold an annual diary of events for all veterans of The Household Division.

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Committee Members & Bio

Lieutenant Colonel The Honourable R C Assheton TD DL  - President

Mr John McCarthy Chairman & Standard Bearer

Mr Kevin Thompson Events & Treasurer

Mr Rob Mather Secretary & Webmaster

Mr Neil Hagan Sub-Committee

Mr Lenny Key Standard Bearer & Sub-Committee

Mr Peter Ditcham Sub-Committee

Colonel Assheton joined the Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry in 1987 and was commissioned in 1989; he served as a Troop Leader at Preston.  In 1990 he joined the Life Guards on a two year short Service Volunteer Commission and served with them in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War.  He returned with them to Sennelager as Intelligence Officer. Returning to the TA in 1992 to the newly formed Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry (RMLY) in 1994 he took over as D Squadron Leader Wigan and held the position until 1999.


Colonel Assheton passed the Army Staff and Command course in 1998 before being posted to HQ 42 Northwest Brigade as SO2 G1.  Colonel Assheton returned to the RMLY in 2002 as Second in Command until assuming Command in April 2005. He has recently assumed command of Lancashire ACF. Colonel Assheton father also served as a Life Guards Officer in the 1940s/50s.

The Life Guards 1988 - 1996 Rob trained at The Guards Depot, Catterick and Bovington, serving in A Squadron armoured regiment in Windsor, Germany Canada, The Gulf War, and Bosnia as a crewman, driver/gunner, trained on Chieftain & Challenger 1 MBT, CVR/T, 432 APC and was a B-Mec. He was a Scimitar driver on the standards parade in 1994 and a keen athletics participant.

LG: 1971 to 1979 Junior Guardsman, pirbright, B3 driver Mech, Germany, A sqn, SHQ 2ic driver chieftain, gunner, crewman, HQ SQN, mt troop, regt police, Northern Ireland 74, canada, windsor, pirbright, mt, hdcc , instructor drill and weapons NCO.

LG- 97 to '02 A Squadron driver/gunner. HQ Squadron Command Troop signals oporator


Command troop oporator and all round smart arsed trooper. Served in Windsor, Bosnia and Canada and is not a ginger (even though this photo looks like it!) Current: Close protection and Maritime security operative.

LG 71 -79 from junior leader regiment, RMP, 74 pirbright trained soldier, 76 windsor, 1 sqn,, B, C and HQ. Clerk, fox gunner, tours Norway Cyprus. Current: Ops Manager Ambulance Service,

LG 1991 – 2005 Has worked with many a good man in B, A and HQ squadron Household Cavalry Regiment, most of the his time working on CVR/T from driver to Commander serving in Belize, USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Egypt, Bosnia for 3 tours and Iraq, with a break in-between serving with the ceremonial side of our fine regiment the Household cavalry Mounted Regiment LG 2 troop. Current : Senior Planning Engineer

LG 1970 1979 Recce troop command on chieftain ambulance driver, sqn mt. Crewman, CVR/W and CVR/T, Cyprus Northern Ireland, Canada, Windsor, Detmold. Drinking instructor! Current: Hazardous goods driver . Previously, Entrepanauer, 3 shops.

Mr Kevin Lambert Sub-Committee

Blues & Royals 1976 - 1993 - Kev served in BAOR, NI, Windsor, Pirbright instructor, Cyprus and The Falklands Conflict and retired as a COH.