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Our moto is simple, once a Household Cavalryman always a Household Cavalry man..If you were a member of the Household Cavalry, Life Guards, Blues & Royals/RHG/D  READ MORE...

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Tel: 0844 376 0103


Email: info@householdcavalry.net

We provide an association that compliments the core regimental support with a local presence within The North West Counties of Great Britain, also encompassing West and South Yorkshire. We welcome new membership input and correspondence from all of our ex colleagues and also from other regiments and hope to hear from you soon.   Read More HERE

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Welcome to 'Tudor Squadron'

The Household Cavalry Association North West & West Yorkshire

'Tudor Squadron'

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We have collated a range of recommended benefits for our members below including Veteran benefits in the UK, welfare and health charities and organisations who can assist in providing employment for ex services personnel

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